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March 18, 2005 by mrbiotech
Yup, you can skin Macs, and yes, there are software tools to do it. ShapeShifter by Unsanity LLC is a commercial program that enables skinning of the OSX environment, similar to what WindowBlinds does for Windows. Developer Brian Wilson was recently interviewed at> regarding the Konfabulator/Dashboard issue, the recent press Apple has been receiving due to iPod an...
March 5, 2005 by mrbiotech
SkinWiki is an online dictionary of skinning terms, concepts, and skinnable software where every definition, description, and page of information is a collaborative effort contributed by users in the community.

The goals of SkinWiki are to reference skinnable software, the individual skinnable elements within the software, and any tools, tips or tricks that can be employed to facilitate the Skinning/Theming process.

To facilitate these goals has provided an AD-FREE Wik...